Urkoase Casting

Knowledge and Experience

Our story

Situated in Ermua, URKOASE is a business devoted to casting metals in their various alloys.

Since 1965, URKOASE’s team of professionals have been responding to the need for castings in different alloys for the industry in our area. Initially, our company traded under the name Urko-Azpi, until it was registered in 1983 as the company: Fundiciones URKOASE S.L.

Know-how and personalised service

Over these 55 years, URKOASE has played a role in the significant industrial and technological development of the county and our region. Our clientele, technology partnerships and suppliers have been key to strengthening the quality-based differential value we offer, adapted to product requirements and deadlines, and always offering customised financial solutions. Today,

URKOASE is experience, know-how and technology put into the service of a final product which is fully in line with our customers’ expectations. A product that is manufactured with respect for the environment.




Our products meet all criteria promised and agreed with our customers. We carry out comprehensive monitoring of the entire production process, from the receipt of raw materials to final product delivery.

Compromiso con el medioambiente
URKOASE is committed to a production model based on the principles of the circular economy: we make use of metal waste at the end of its life cycle to create new valuable products. However, we are also aware that our activities, as with all others, has an impact on the environment. Therefore, we have put environmental protection and prevention systems in place with a view to reducing our company’s carbon footprint.


Our company is alive to the transformations taking place in our sector and in the global market. We are flexible and we take new visions, technologies, developments, needs etc. into account. In one way or another, these shape and drive what we do.


We explain all relevant aspects of what we do to our customers and third parties involved with or linked to the company. This facilitates collaboration, cooperation and collective decision-making.