• GREEN SAND casting facility: 2 machines for boxes up to 700 x 500 mm, 10 MT/h central mill and mould release.
  • CHEMICAL casting facility for moulds up to 2000 x 2000 mm, with 3 MT/h OMEGA continuous mixer, mould release and sand recovery.
  • Laboratory equipped with SCIENTIFIC Thermo Spectrometer with 4 bases (Cu, Ni, Fe, Al) and Durometer. In addition to our close collaboration with IK4 AZTERLAN Technology Centre, which supports us in improving materials and processes for casting alloys under international ISO / ASTM / DIN / AFNOR / UNE standards, or those designed for the CUSTOMER.
  • 3 INSERTEC (RADINE) 150, 200 and 300 kg induction furnaces.
  • Manufacturing materials


    Protecting our environment

    80% of our materials is derived from recycled materials


    URKOASE carries out comprehensive quality control of our various manufacturing processes: receipt of raw materials, processing, treatment, etc. to certify product quality under standard UNE-EN 10204 3.1.

    We have Lloyd’s Register Bronze Foundry certification.

    We can also subcontract the analysis and assays to external laboratories (AZTERLAN, SCI, etc.) to certify the material under standard UNE-EN 10204 3.2.

    R, D & I

    URKOASE understands that technological development and innovation are indispensable for providing an offer with differentiated value that ensures market relevance.

    We currently collaborate with the IK4 AZTERLAN technology centre to identify new materials that allow us to widen our offer, optimise our production processes, and promote the circular economy model.

    Additive mould manufacturing

    Digital filling process simulation